Andaman Lagoons - Destination Havelock Island in Andaman Islands

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is ranked among Asia's top 10 beaches. Radhanagar Beach, locally known as Beach No. 7 is the most beautiful beach in Andamans is the best place for beach sit-outs, beach walk, swimming, sun-bathing, relaxation and watching sunset. This beach has got the finest hue of unending sky, frolicking waves, thick sands, flora and fauna. The sun's rays bounce off the pure white sand making it sparkle and glitter like diamonds. The clean and composed ambiance with farseeing white and silky sand gleaming beneath the turquoise blue waters is a perfect beachscape to take those long walks at an ideal sunset brimming over the horizon.

Radhanagar Beach has an overall length of two kilometers and an average width of 30 to 40 meters. The sand is white and very fine in grain. The beach has a gentle gradient of around 1:20 and continues out into the sea as a sandy bottom for over 100 meters. It truly is an unforgettable curve of white sand with perfectly coloured blue waters, all lined by lush forest and palm tress. It is easy to enjoy this postcard perfect beach - lie down and marvel at the sunset, or go in for a quick swim.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is an ideal destination for water sports and for leisure tour. You will be in a world apart when on this beach located in Havelock Islands. Its rich coral reef structure and amazing underwater marine life will certainly spellbind you and want you to keep coming back for more.

Elephant Beach is nevertheless the best place to visit in Andaman Islands and you will find a lot of Indians and foreign nationals here. The white sand beach, the blue green water and the rich coral reef here makes this place ideal for relaxing and spending a leisure time with food and drinks. Besides, if you feel like doing some fun activities this beach offers adventure activities like Snorkeling, Sea-Walking, Jet Ski Ride, Sofa Ride, Banana Ride, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Swimming, Bird-Watching and Trekking.

One can reach Elephant Beach by small cruise boat from Havelock Jetty in about 40 minutes. By road one can go up to the Forest Camp which is 8 Kms from the Jetty towards Radhanagar side and from there by walk to the Elephant Beach which will take another 40 minutes.

Activities at Elephant Beach :

  • Snorkeling Trip at Elephant Beach @ Rs.750/- per person on Sharing Basis. (underwater photography: Rs.500 extra per person)
  • Snorkeling Trip at Elephant Beach @ Rs.3000/- on Chartered Basis. (underwater photography: Rs.500 extra per person)
  • Sea Walk at Elephant Beach @ Rs.3200/- per person. (underwater photography: Rs.500/- extra for single & Rs.700/- for couple)
  • Jet Ski Ride at Elephant Beach @ Rs.600/- per person.
  • Sofa Ride at Elephant Beach @ Rs.500/- per person.
  • Banana Ride at Elephant Beach @ Rs.500/- per person.

Kalapatthar Beach

Kalapatthar Beach is a small and quiet beach. The colour of the water is so unique and beautiful with silvery sand making this beach a great place to relax. The beach has got its name from the black rocks that adorn the coastline here.

The silvery sand and aqua green waters at Kalapatthar Beach make the place exotic and exquisite. Sitting on one of the dead corals and watching the sun rise in the morning or just inhaling the fresh breeze blowing over the sea is an experience in itself. The emerald seas, the tropical forests on one side of the road, the kalapatthars (black rocks) that decorate the coastline, the silken smooth silver sands and the sheer solitude make this beach a great place to relax.

Kalapatthar Beach is a long stretch of white silky sand with big black rocks beside the blue sea. It is situated on one corner of Havelock. The water is deep enough with some rocks and corals to swim and it is not affected by tides. The beach offers couple of umbrellas and wooden chairs. There is also a small picnic area with trash bins set in the shade of the trees.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach, also known as Beach No. 5 on Havelock Island is a paradise on earth. Its long coastline is lined by innumerable beach resorts and restaurants. However, just stepping on the beach gives you that edge-of-the-world feeling. There is absolutely no part of this beach that is ever crowded. The beach is lined by coconut trees under which you can drink, read or just take a nap. And unlike many other beaches in the Andaman Islands, this beach is not rocky even during low tide, which makes it the perfect relaxation zone. Vijaynagar beach is also a splendid spot to view the morning sunrise in Havelock.

Vijaynagar Beach is a long stretch of sand on the east coast of the island, punctuated occasionally by rock section. Most of the beach is lined by mahua trees, whose trunks grow along the ground for many feet before they begin to climb vertically. These trees have lent a distinct character to the sea front and provide shade, close to the water. Vijaynagar Beach is perfect for long walks along the sea. It is just the perfect place to go for swimming. The azure sky and equally beautiful sea make the landscape of this beach highly imposing.

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