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Snorkeling is one of the best activities that offers you to explore the underwater world in Andamans by plunging into the shallow reef areas.

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Andamans is all about diving into the deep sea and exploring the beautiful colourful corals and rich diverse marine life.

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Underwater Sea Walk

Underwater Sea Walk is one of the popular activities in Andamans that offers the easiest way to get a fisheye view of life under the sea.

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Parasailing is a mixture of both water and airborne adventure. Experience the fun and thrill as you parasail above the twinkling waters of Andamans.

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Jet Ski Ride

Jet Skiing thrills you by fluttering water and is considered as one of the best fun and adventurous Water Sports Acitivites you can enjoy in Andamans.

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Speed Boat Ride

Speed Boating is one of coolest activities in Andamans that thrills you as the speed boat splashes through the waters at pulsating swift.

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Banana Ride

Banana Rides are splendidly fun and exciting. Just sit and enjoy as you are being wisked away through the waves and hold on tight and try not to fall off.

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Sofa Ride

Andamans offer you to enjoy the thrills and spills on an ever-popular Sofa Ride in water. It must be the craziest sofa you have ever sat on.

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Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Glass Bottom Boat Ride is one of popular activities that allows you to see the underwater life found on the ocean's bed of Andamans without getting wet.

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Coral Safari

Coral Safari is a Semi-Submarine that gives you everlasting memories by closely watching the rarest species of fishes and enjoy exotic colourful corals.

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Andaman Dolphin Cruise

Andaman Dolphin is a speed boat along with glass bottom that thrills you with the experience of speed boat riding along with underwater observation.

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Andamans is blessed with the huge presence of many stupendous hills and mounts. Trekking allows you to enjoy the rare forest life, flora and fauna.

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